Paging Karl Marx.

You’ve all seen them, at least if you live in those socialist states like Texas which refuse to turn their backs on Communism. I am talking, of course, about communal mailboxes. Think of that word, “communal.” As in, “commune.” Communism.

It’s all right there in plain English, destroying America.

And to that I say: “Not today, Satan!”

Join us to end communism in America! #EndCommunism #NotTodaySatan




Image credit: Laura Fuhrman / Unsplash

Over time, photos move,
The people in them — they move,
They seem nice at first,
Waving, beckoning,
Then they get insistent,
And a little scary,
The way they call, and tempt,
“Eternal life,” they say,
“Join us — forever.”

And a living person will wonder
About eternity, and life.
Though at first you
May not want to be a photo,
You already are.
You are a reflection
In a dark screen,
A self-consumed echo
Falling further and further within.

You are a moving picture.



Image credit: Matt Botsford / Unsplash

In a sad turn of events, area satirist Socrates Ma-Jimbo died this past Monday without leaving a witty epitaph for his tombstone.

Mr. Ma-Jimbo’s last will and testament stated that, “In the event of Mr. …